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PHYS-2070 (14/15) [& PHYS-2150]

Electricity and Light (4 credits)

WMU Spring 2010 Semester

Registration CRN Numbers:

CRN 14400 - PHYS 2070 - 100

MTuWThF Noon-12:50 · 1110 Rood Hall

CRN 14401 - PHYS 2070 - 150

MTuWThF 2:00- 2:50 · 1110 Rood Hall

CRN xxxxx - PHYS 2150 - 0

[For PHYS-2150 Registration Call Number, see Physics Dept. Secretary, 1120 Everett Tower]

Office Hours (Current · Includes Finals Week) · Syllabus (Current) · Topic 1 (Assigned 1/14/2010 Th) · Physics Help Room (0077 Rood, starting 1/19/2010 Tu)

If you can't get into a PHYS-2080 Lab section, go to the Physics Dept. Office in Everett Tower or call (269) 387-4940, and put your name on the Waiting List. It is still early and students' registrations often change, which can free up a lab spot. It is also possible that another lab section could be opened up.

This was the textbook for Spring 2009:

Serway 7th ed WMU Volume 2

Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway & Jewitt, WMU 7th edition, Volume 2. ISBN-10: 0-94954-6853-3 ISBN-13: 978-0-4954-6853-0

NOTE: If you cannot get a copy of the WMU 7th edition Volume 2, you should be able to use the regular 7th ed. or the new 8th ed.

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If you know your 5-digit PID number from Q1, then your Pre-Final Grades can be seen here.

IMPORTANT: If you looked at your current course grades before 1:30pm on Monday, there was a formula error in the Quiz grade calculation -- it has now been fixed. Apologies all around. -- Dr. Phil

Mid-Term Grades should be available via GoWMU. If you know your 5-digit PID number from Q1, then you can see your estimated Mid-Term Grade broken down here.

Exam 3 Curve can be found here.

FINAL GRADES can be found here.

This Week in PHYS-2070 at Noon and 2pm.

Week 13 Checklist. Updated 4-16-2010 Fri. Week 14 Checklist. Week 15 Finals REVIEW Checklist.

Please Note: Dr. Phil is not planning on having a common exam session for PHYS-2070 in Spring 2010.

Sample Exam 1: First Set here and here and here (1-20-10W), Second Set here (1-26-10 Tu), Third Set here (available online only 1-29-10 F)

Summer 2002 Exam 1 with Answers1abc 1de 2ab 2c 2de 3abc 3de

Spring 2003 Exam 1 with Answers: (PDF File)

Exam 1 Solutions (Noon / 2pm)


Sample Exam 2: First Set here * and here (02-11-2010 Fr), Second Set here, and here (02-18-2010 Tu)

* NOTE: Pages 3/4 of the PDF file now print correctly. (2-24-2010 We)

Summer 2002 Exam 2 with Answers1ab 1cde 2a 2bc 2d 2e 3abc 3de

Spring 2003 Exam 2 with Answers: (PDF File)

Exam 2 Solutions (Noon / 2pm)


Sample Exan 3: First Set here (03-18-2010 Th); Second Set here (03-24-2010 We); Third Set here (available for download)

Summer 2002 Exam 3 with Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2ab 2c 2de 3abc 3de

Spring 2003 Exam 3 with Answers: (PDF File)

Exam 3 Solutions (Noon / 2pm) · Exam 3 Curve.


Sample Final Exams: First Set (Final-A, Final-B) handed out Friday 4/9/2010, Second Set (Final-C, Final-D) handed out Thursday 4/15/2010, Third Set (Final-9) handed out Thursday 4/22/2010, plus (Final-E) not handed out but put online.

Summer 2002 Final Exam with Answers: 1abcd 1e 2ab 2c 2de 3ab 3cd 3e 4a 4b 4cde

Spring 2003 Final Exam with Answers: (PDF File)


PHYS 2070: University Physics II (4 hrs)

This course follows PHYS 2050 and consists of studies in electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic radiation. A student can receive credit for only one of the following courses: PHYS 2070 or PHYS 1150. Prerequisites: PHYS 2050, MATH 1230 or MATH 1710, and MATH 2720 or MATH 2300 concurrently.

PHYS 2080: University Physics II Laboratory (1 hr)

This is a laboratory course which includes exercises related to topics covered in PHYS 2070. A student can receive credit for only one of the following courses: PHYS 2080 or PHYS 1160. Corequisites: PHYS 2070.

PHYS 2150: Electricity and Light Problems (1 hr)

This course is intended for those who have had 1150 General Physics II, or its equivalent at another school, and who need to show credit in 2070 Electricity and Light. The emphasis is on problem solving using calculus with the mathematical rigor required in PHYS 2070. This course plus PHYS 1150 is equivalent to PHYS 2070. Prerequisites: PHYS 1150 General Physics II or equivalent, MATH 1230 or MATH 1710, and MATH 2720 or MATH 2300 concurrently.

Jan. 11 Mon - PHYS-2070/2150 begins
Jan. 15 Fri - Regular Twice-Weekly Quizzes Begin (Tu/F)
Jan. 15 Fri - Drop/Add Ends (100% Refund)
Jan. 18 Mon - WMU Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Activities (No Classes)
Jan. 19 Tue - Last Day to Drop without "W"		
Jan. 19 Tue - PHYS-2080 Laboratory Begins This Week
Feb.  2 Tue - Hour Exam 1 [PHYS-2070(14) Noon at Noon]
Feb.  2 Tue - Hour Exam 1 [PHYS-2070(15)  2pm at 2pm]
Feb.  7 Sun - FYI - Super Bowl XLIV Miami FL
Feb. 12-28  - FYI - 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver BC CANADA
Feb. 25 Thu - Hour Exam 2
Feb. 26 Fri - Spirit Day (No Classes) , Semester Recess begins
Mar.  1-5   - "Spring" Break - No Classes
Mar.  8 Mon - Classes Resume
Mar  14 Sun - FYI - Daylight Savings Time Starts (2am --> 3am)
Mar. 22 Mon - Last Day to Drop with "W"
Apr.  1 Thu - Hour Exam 3
Apr.  2 Fri - Good Friday (not a WMU holiday)
Apr.  3-6   - FYI - NCAA Final Four (Men's 4/3Sa 4/5Mo, Women's 4/4Su, 4/6Tu)
Apr.  4 Sun - FYI - Easter Sunday
Apr. 15 Thu - Topic 1 (Book Report) (due by 5pm Friday)
Apr. 19 Mon - Grace Period for Topic 1 ends at 5pm
Apr. 23 Fri - Last Regular Day of Class
Apr. 26-30  - FINALS WEEK
Apr. 27 Tue - FINAL EXAM 2:45-4:45pm (2 hours) [PHYS-2070(15)  2pm]
Apr. 29 Thu - FINAL EXAM 12:30-2:30pm (2 hours) [PHYS-2070(14) Noon]
Apr. 30 Fri - Spring Session Ends
May   4 Tue - Grades due at Noon