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PHYS-2070 (16) Week 7 Checklist

Version 16.7.1 / 11 August 2010 Wednesday

The weekly checklists are a new thing I'm trying this semester. Fill them out online or print them.

Answers are NOT saved online.

What can you do this seventh week of class?

Made it to Class on: Mon 8/9 Tue 8/10 Thu 8/12 Fri 8/13.

Topic 1 Book: I turned in my paper. No, I haven't turned in my paper, but I'm still okay because I had a Draft Paper. No, my paper is late. No, I'm not turning in a paper -- I like dropping my grade automatically by a full letter grade. Have no idea what Dr. Phil is talking about.

Joined Dr. Phil's Physics Class on Facebook? (Optional) Yes No Not Interested Would need Facebook account.

Exam 2:

Took Exam 2. Got Exam 2 back. (handed back in class on Friday 6 August 2010)

Curved Grade: Pleased Okay Not Happy Haven't seen it yet.

My Grade reflects the work I put on the test paper. Yes Somewhat No.

My Grade relects the work I put into my studying. Yes Somewhat No.

For Exam 3, I expect to Study: More A LOT More About the Same Less than Exam 2.

I have a copy of First set Sample Exam 3 (8-6-2010 Fr) Second set Sample Exam 3 (8-9-2010 Mo)

My Grading Questions have been answered by Dr. Phil: Yes No Didn't have any questions/corrections.


Quiz 15 Take-Home: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 15 from website

Turned in Quiz 15 Monday 9 August 2010 Late Zero Not due yet.

Quiz 16 Take-Home: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 16 from website Not available yet.

Turned in Quiz 16 Tuesday 10 August 2010 Late Zero Not due yet.

Quiz 17 Take-Home: Picked up in Class. Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 17 from website Not avaiable yet.


Read through notes from class.

Start your Formula Card? Updated it? Got it back from Dr. Phil from Exam 2? (handed back during Week 8)

Checked lecture notes online. Redo class examples?

Checked relevent sections from Serway. Redo text examples?

Did any problems from back of the chapter?

Questions? Answered: in class office hours phone e-mail Facebook


Series RL circuits Series LC circuits Simple Harmonic Oscillator Series RLC circuits Damped Harmonic Oscillator

AC circuits Root mean square (rms) V and I in phase and out of phase R resistance

XL Inductive Reactance XC Capacitative Reactance

Z Impedance Phasor diagrams Minimizing impedance Why AC circuits?

And Don't Forget These Week 6 Topics for Exam 3:

Magnetism: Force on a Current Carrying Wire Right-Hand Rule (Mode 1 and Mode 2) Magnetic Torque on a Current Carrying Loop

Hall Effect Biot-Savart Law Gauss' Law for Magnetism (no magnetic monopoles!) B-field from infinite straight wire

B-field from a circular current loop Ampere's Law Toroidal Coil Solenoid Physical Velocity Selector

Magnetism: Edge Effects (Parallel plate capacitor vs. Solenoid) Physical Velocity Selector Infinite Sheet of Current

Faraday's Law of Induction Lenz' Law Induced emf (voltage) vs. Induced current Changing Magnetic Flux

B-field from induction Racing Cow Magnets Demo Explained Eddy Currents Self-Induction The Inductor (coil)

Series RL circuits: Energizing De-Energizing