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PHYS-207 (6) [& PHYS-215]

Electricity & Light (4 credits)

MTu ThF 12:00-1:40pm · 1110 Rood Hall

Registration Call Number = 10690

(Previously I had the Call Number as 25102, but a check at http://sims.wmich.edu on 5 May 2002 gave 10690.)

[For PHYS-215 Registration Call Number, see Physics Dept. Secretary, 1120 Everett Tower]

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Serway & Beichner 5th edition

This course was for Summer 2002.

The Final Exam was Friday 16 August 2002 at Noon

This week in PHYS-207 at Noon (Partial Lecture Notes).

Exam 1 Answers: 1abc 1de 2ab 2c 2de 3abc 3de

Exam 1

Curve · Raw Distribution · Curved Distribution

Exam 2 Answers: 1ab 1cde 2a 2bc 2d 2e 3abc 3de

Exam 2

Curve · Raw Distribution · Curved Distribution

Exam 3 Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2ab 2c 2de 3abc 3de

Exam 3

Curve · Raw Distribution · Curved Distribution

Final Exam Answers: 1abcd 1e 2ab 2c 2de 3ab 3cd 3e 4a 4b 4cde

Course Descriptions from the WMU Undergraduate Catalog

via Registrar’s Web Site (http://sims.wmich.edu)

PHYS 205 Mechanics and Heat 4 hrs. Fall, Winter, Spring

This first course of a sequence of three in general college physics employing calculus deals with mechanics and heat. It is required of physics majors, engineering students, and future physics teachers, and is strongly recommended for majors in other sciences. Prerequisite: MATH-123 concurrently. Open to qualified first year students. A student may not receive credit for both PHYS-205 and any of the following: PHYS-107, PHYS-109, or PHYS-113.

PHYS 207 Electricity and Light 4 hrs. Fall, Winter, and Summer

This course follows PHYS-205 and consists of studies in electricity, magnetism, and light. Prerequisites: PHYS-205, MATH-123, and MATH-272 (or MATH-230) concurrently. A student can receive credit for only one of the following courses: PHYS-107, PHYS-109, PHYS-115, or PHYS-207.

PHYS 208 Electricity and Light Laboratory 1 hr. Fall, Winter, and Summer

This is a laboratory course which includes exercises related to topics covered in PHYS 207. Normally this course is taken concurrently with PHYS 207. A student may not receive credit for both PHYS 208 and PHYS 116. Prerequisite: PHYS 207 concurrently.

Significant Dates:
Aug. 16 Fri - End of Summer Session
This Class is OVER

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