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PHYS-214 (12)

Mechanics & Heat Problems (1 credits)

MTuWThF 9:00am-9:50am · 1110 Rood Hall

NOTE: For Spring 2003 Semester, PHYS-214 students may not necessarily be allowed in the 9am PHYS-205 with Dr. Phil. See the Physics Department Secretary in any case.

See PHYS-205 (12) Homepage for Class details.

PHYS-214 is a one-credit conversion course for those who have previously taken the algebra-based PHYS-113 (or equivalent) and passed it with a grade of "C" or better, and now need to convert to the equivalent of the calculus PHYS-205 course.

Different schools handle this sort of conversion course differently. At Western Michigan University, students enrolled in PHYS-214 do all the work required for PHYS-205.

If you're a Pessimist: Then you have to do 4 credits of work, but only get 1 credit.

If you're an Optimist: Then you get to do 4 credits of work, but only have to pay for 1 credit.

Please see Dr. Phil or the Physics Undergraduate Advisor (check in 1120 Everett) for more details on the requirements for enrolling in PHYS-214, if you think you are eligible.

If you have passed the PHYS-114 laboratory (or equivalent), you do not have to take the PHYS-206 laboratory, and repeat the lab.