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Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon aka "Dr. Phil"


Born western upstate New York; Junior High near New York City;

High School in Greensboro, North Carolina (1976).

B.A. Integrated Sciences, Northwestern University (1980);

M.S. Physics, Michigan Technological University (1986/88);

Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University (1989).

Physics Teaching: WMU, KVCC, GVSU, Hope College.

President (2002-2003)—Michigan Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (MIAAPT).

Dr. Phil came here to Western Michigan University as an Instructor/Lecturer from Summer of 1992 to Summer of 1993. Spent the 1993-94 year as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Grand Valley State University. After two years pursuing a Ph.D. in Science Education at WMU, he spent 1996-97 on leave as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Hope College, where he had a chance to do some neat work in physics education as well as physics research. Currently Dr. Phil teaches in the Physics Dept. at WMU with a full-time faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor and splits his time between Physics and acting as Director of the new WMU-STEP Program for improving student retention in the science/technical/engineering/math fields. In addition to having recently served as President of the Michigan Section of the American Assoication of Phyiscs Teachers (MIAAPT), Dr. Phil pursues many science and science literacy efforts, and on the first day of class in Fall 2005, he is on Day 2802 of writing a massive science fiction romantic epic novel. A fourth readable draft of a complete novel, The Devil’s Coffin, set in the same sci-fi universe, is on Day 1621. No – it’s not ready for you guys to read yet. After sending out thirty-one short stories seventy-one times, Dr. Phil has one story published in an anthology and two more slated for publishing in 2006. And "The Pulse of the Sea", Dr. Phil’s first commercial sale, will be published this first week of September. No – Dr. Phil has no intentions of making you read his fiction. But he did attend the prestigious 2004 Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, an intensive six-week boot camp for SF writing last summer, so he is well on his way to becoming a published science fiction author!

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Dr. Phil is not the "Dr. Phil" on television.

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