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Dr. Phil's Theory of Optimized Procrastination

"Procrastination is Efficiency -- Efficiency is Good"

  1. Many people foolishly link procrastination with laziness.
  2. But laziness can be very efficient.
  3. If you put off something long enough, maybe you don't have to do it anymore -- thus saving you oodles of time.
  4. On the other hand, if it now becomes critical, then you will make time to get it done.
  5. Businesses do it to save money -- they call it "Just It Time delivery" in manufacturing and consultants get paid millions of dollars to make it happen.
  6. Lawyers use all sorts of delaying tactics to try and prevent a case from going to trial or to wear down a plaintiff so they'll either settle or give up.
  7. Scientific studies are showing that if you have a choice between pulling an all-nighter and getting sleep, that you are better off getting the sleep. We are increasingly a sleep-deprived culture, which makes us cranky, old before our time and a danger to everyone on the road.
  8. There is always something else to do. For example, this web page is not important. Therefore there must be something else that Dr. Phil is "supposed" to be doing "right now" that he is putting off. But... if even one person is amused by this piece, then it will have all been worth it.
  9. More points to come... I'll just get to them later!