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ME 3600 Control Systems: Selected Course Notes  

Below are links to some selected course notes.  Each is in PDF format that you can read and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download a free copy of Acrobat reader, click on the "get Adobe Acrobat Reader" link below.    

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Control Systems

  1. Control Systems Terminology

Chapter 2: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Systems

  1. Mathematical Models

  2. Linearity Principles

  3. Linearization of Algebraic Models

  4. Linearization of Pendulum Equations of Motion

  5. Model for a Hydraulic Positioning System

Chapter 2: Short Review of Laplace Transforms

  1. Laplace Transforms

  2. Laplace Transform Table

  3. Examples: Laplace Transforms

  4. Partial Fraction Expansions

  5. Examples: Partial Fraction Expansions

Chapter 2: Introduction to Transfer Functions and Block Diagrams

  1. Transfer Functions

  2. Cramer's Rule for Solving a System of Linear Equations

  3. Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions

  4. Armature Controlled DC Motor Transfer Function

Control of Spring-Mass-Damper Position using Proportional Control

  1. Proportional Control of a Spring-Mass-Damper Position

Chapter 4: General Characteristics of Systems with Feedback

  1. Control System Characteristics

  2. Design Problem DP4.2

Chapter 5: Performance Characteristics of Systems with Feedback

  1. First Order System Step Response

  2. Using Feedback to Modify Transient Response of a First Order System

  3. Characteristics of Under-damped, Second Order System Step Response

  4. Second Order System Step Response

  5. Dominant (or Insignificant) Poles

  6. System Type and Steady-State Error 

  7. Performance Indices

  8. Performance Examples

  9. Design Problem DP5.1

Chapter 6: Stability Analysis using the Routh-Hurwitz Method

  1. Routh-Hurwitz Criterion

  2. Design Problem DP6.4

Chapter 7: Closed-loop System Analysis using Root Locus Diagrams

  1. What is a Root Locus Diagram?

  2. Root Locus Diagrams

  3. Summary Procedure for Root Locus Diagram

  4. Root Locus Diagram Examples

  5. Using MATLAB for a Root Locus Analysis

Chapter 8: Closed-loop System Analysis using Bode Diagrams

  1. Introduction to Bode Diagrams 

  2. Summary of Bode Diagram Terms

  3. Bode Diagram of a 2nd Order System

  4. Bode Magnitude Diagram Examples

  5. Blank Bode Magnitude Plot

  6. Frequency Domain Analysis

Control of Spring-Mass-Damper Position using PID Control

  1. PID Control of a Spring-Mass-Damper Position

Implementation of PID Controllers using Operational Amplifiers

  1. Implementation of PID Controllers in Electronic Circuits