James W. Kamman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Western Michigan University
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Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Senior Design Project

Hand Powered Cycle with Remote-Controlled Power and Braking Assistance1,2

A commercially available hand-powered cycle was modified to include remote controlled braking and supplemental propulsion.
 The electric motor and control electronics from a common two-wheeled electric scooter were adapted to drive a standard spoked bicycle wheel using a combination belt/chain drive system.  A freewheeling mechanism was incorporated to allow the hand cycle to move forward under human power without producing additional resistance required to turn the motor drive.  A high-powered linear actuator was employed to engage an existing caliper brake via a secondary cable.  Both systems are activated with a standard digital proportional radio control unit designed to give the caregiver remote control of braking and propulsion assistance.

This project covers two hand cycle enhancements: supplemental, remotely-controlled braking and propulsion.  While active input is still required by the rider, he or she may not be aware of a hazard that the caregiver is able to anticipate.  The ability to stop or slow the cycle from a distance is useful.  Similarly, though the rider may be more than willing to do so, he or she may not be able to negotiate even small inclines.  A small assistance motor that is able to propel the cycle at low speeds will be valuable to the caregiver without adding excessive battery weight.

1 John Bolhuis, Andrew Hyder, “Design Enhancements for a Hand Powered Cycle,” Project No. ME-0804-09, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008.

2 Project was completed for the WMU Center for Disability Services


Enhanced Hand Powered Cycle



Remote Control Transmitter and Control Box




Drive Plate Assembly and Hub Adaptor

P4060117   chainwheel-assy


Brake Actuator Assembly