Selected Publications (click on Journal Volume: Pages to retrieve pdf)

Karowe, D.N. and C. Grubb.  2011.  Elevated CO2 increases constitutive phenolics and trichomes, but decreases inducibility of phenolics in Brassica rapa (Brassicaceae).  Journal of Chemical Ecology 37:1332-1340.

Karowe, D.N. and J. K. Radi.  2011.  Are the phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein anti-herbivore defenses? A test using the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar).  Journal of Chemical Ecology 37:830–837.

Karowe, D.N. and A. Migliaccio.  2010.  Performance of the legume-feeding herbivore, Colias philodice (Lepidoptera:  Pieridae) is not affected by elevated CO2.  Arthropod-Plant Interactions DOI 10.1007/s11829-010-9119-y.

Karowe, D.N.  2009.  Effects of Climate Change on Terrestrial Communities in the Great Lakes Region.  Chapter 22 In:  Hogg, A., K. Nadelhoffer, and B. Hazlett (eds.), Up North: 100 Years of a Changing Environment: Natural Science at the University of Michigan Biological Station.  University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

Karowe, D.N.  2007.  Are legume-feeding herbivores buffered against the direct effects of elevated CO2 on host plants?  A test with the sulfur butterfly, Colias philodiceGlobal Change Biology 13: 2045-2051.

Karowe, D.N. and V. Golston.  2007.  Effect of the cardenolide digitoxin on larval performance of the gypsy moth, Lymantria disparThe Great Lakes Entomologist 39: 34-39.

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Barbehenn, R.V., D.N. Karowe, and Z. Chen.  2004.  Performance of a generalist grasshopper on a C3 and a C4 grass: compensation for the effects of elevated CO2 on plant nutritional quality.  Oecologia 140: 96-103.

Barbehenn, R.V., Z. Chen, D.N. Karowe, and A. Spickard.  2004.  C3 Grasses Have Higher Nutritional Quality than C4 Grasses under Ambient and Elevated Atmospheric CO2.  Global Change Biology 10: 1565-1575.

Sheridan, P. and D.N. Karowe.  2001.  Inbreeding, outbreeding, and heterosis in the yellow pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava (Sarraceniaceae), in Virginia.  American Journal of Botany  87: 1628-1633.

Karowe, D.N., D. Siemens, and T. Mitchell-Olds.  1997.  Species-specific response of glucosinolate content to elevated atmospheric CO2.  Journal of Chemical Ecology 23: 2569-2576.


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