Student Name Web Project
Jesse Archer English Bulldogs
Carol Barber  
Andrew Bogan Western Michigan Roller Hockey
Kara Carter Get Involved
Anna Charney Bronco Bellas of Western Michigan University
Katherine Dayton WMU Women's Rugby
Emily Debler Sewing Fun in Kalamazoo
Casey Durka Phi Gamma Delta
Harold Fish Virtual Reality Resource
Sarah Fowler History of NHL
Julie Hogan The Beatles Times
Samantha Marzke PRI .MART Quik Shop
Keith Mccoy Football: America's Game
Michael Queen How to avoid tech support scams
Mallory Williams Living Learning Communities & Learning Community Assistants
Matthew Zuidema Sinker, Kalamazoo, MI
Student Name Web Project
Max Hornick Local Loop Farms
Amanda Cockroft Books & Blush
Alexa Foy Volleyball
Alanna Murdie Warriors for Warriors
Chelsea Misiak Kalamazoo Area's Restaurant Guide
Samantha May NK Ultra Productions
Sarah Mead Whale & Dolphin Captivity
Anna Oswalt How to help a turtle cross the road?
Elizabeth Raglin Orchesis Dance Society "O-Board"
Andrew Schoeppe The Batter's Box
Olivia Shortt The Library Taphouse & Kitchen
Bradley Miller Great Lakes Region RAMSAR Sites
Thuy Nguyen Fall Welcome
Gustavo Almanza Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity
Katharine Thompson kthom photography
Joseph Watt Arctic Flame Heating and Cooling
Brendan Duffy Street League Skateboarding
Geoffrey Cowan Drum Circle
Noelle Massey Kalamazoo Comedy Connection