Adam Bruley



Capturing Experience

Exploring a travel experience that I have had for a series of graphic form studies. I choose Pictured Rocks National Lake-shore for my destination, we started by drawing thumbnail sketches of either images we took from that experience or from the Internet. After capturing that experience with the right shapes and lines we took the sketches and took them to the computer. After experimentation with color along with some changes to the design the final product of stamps for that experience was captures.

Symbol System

Graphic symbols are universal vocabulary of visual images that represent something with simplified forms, limited colors, and symbolic logic. A well-designed symbol system consists of series of graphic marks that can help communication across languages and cultures. This pictorial language system can be applied to transportation systems, to shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions, and to sporting events, etc.

Exploring Three-Dimensionality

Choosing an individual from the history of modern architecture we were asked to create a three-dimensional object that would display information about that that person. The object should should relate to that person through shape, concept, material, and content. The focus of this project is to research, practice conceptual thinking and design process, and gain an understanding of constrains. For this project I choose Rem Koolhaas