Adam Bruley



Gwen Frostic


My name is Adam Bruley, currently a student at Gwen Frostic School of Art, and I must say that as a freshman in high school I never saw myself going to school for art.  Being creative is something that everyone has, and for me it was easy to bring out and make something of it. Taking Visual Imaging Technology and AP Art in high school is where I really started taking my art more serious, and at the end of the year it paid off because I was awarded best artist in the school for 2d and overall. I fell in love with all people and the peace it brought me. Luckily my art class was the last hour of the day, and let me tell you ending a day of stress with drawing or painting is one the best things you could ask for. Immediately as I stepped in that room I didn’t have to think about anything else besides what I was working on. People would joke around and call me unsocial as I plugged in my headphones and went in to the corner of the room, but all I wanted to do was focus on my work.  I know that right now many people don’t see my work, but one day I hope to create work that many will see and maybe even take something out of it.

If you asked me the question of what inspires me I couldn’t give you a strait answer. Everything that I see in a day inspires me, If I had to narrow it down to things that most inspire me it would have to be nature, music, and people. More specifically my friends, I’m thankful to have the friends that I do and I’m glad that they support what I do, with out them I wouldn’t be here. Now everyday I can continue to do what I love, all the while being surrounded by others who share that same idea. My first class was drawing studio with Sydney Peters and just like in high school I felt at home. Ill never forget that class, everyone brought something new and was good at something different. I learned new techniques that can help me and made a lot of new friends too. By the end of the year we grew closer and I know that we will keep inspiring and helping one another and I’m glad that I can be apart of it.

Courses Taken

ART 1050

ART 2500

ART 2510

ART 2600

ART 2610

Drawing Studio

This course focuses on the drawing experience as a vehicle for art-making, as a process and to convey ideas. Different types of image-making processes are studied, along with their potentials for meaning. Students learn to invent from observation and imagination, and to assemble disparate information in various types of space. There is also an introduction to historical and contemporary drawing practice from many traditions.

Color for Graphic Design

Studies in color theory emphasizing issues and problem solving related to graphic design. This includes investigations in additive and subtractive color theories as applied to reflective and transmitted media, as well as color systems used in graphic reproduction.


Exploring compositional relationships involving the single word, line, column, page arrangement and structural systems. Semantic and syntactic issues will be investigated in projects and exercises. Computer technology will be investigated.

Visual Aesthetics

Theoretical visual studies in graphic design involving point, line and shape, dealing with formal values and composition. Emphasis on problem solving, skill development, perceptual acuity and an understanding of visual aesthetics.

Graphic Form

An introduction to problem-solving for visual communication through typographic images. The fundamentals of calligraphy, typography, and typographic design are investigated in experimental and practical projects. Incorporates research in the communicative potential of color and structure.