Future Intentions

        Without a declared major, it is difficult for me to say where I will be in the future.  My main passion is hockey, and there is a lot of skepticism for players on when they want to turn professional­­: before graduating college or after.  For the players who have this privilege        of a choice, there is no saying if he will stay healthy all his life or good enough to play at the professional level.  Many players are drifting out of the spotlight with no backup plan whatsoever. Analyst Eric Duhatschek asks, “Do some NHL players honestly and sincerely believe that their work life ends once professional hockey is over? Do they imagine a world of Freedom at 35?” (Duhatschek).  This quote directly explains how we hockey players should finish our degrees in college before moving on to the professional level.  I plan on graduating at WMU with honors as a personal challenge, because not many student athletes can achieve that task.  If no other interests arise besides hockey, I feel comfortable exploring business even further.   Though business is quite broad, I would feel the safest with a business degree in my back pocket than any other subject.  “The popularity of business education is tied with the fact that careers in business are the fastest growing and most in-demand of all careers” (Krosi).  With my interest in mathematics and adequate people skills I would strive to be the best businessman  with a positive impact on all of my surroundings.


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