Something related to my future interests is psychology and development. Cognitive development is defined as “the development of intelligence, conscious thought, and problem-solving ability that begins in infancy.” (cognitive development, web medical dictionary) There are an unlimited number of outcomes that a child cancome to while developing it’s brain and full potential of competence. Whether it is the school a child attends, the toys they play with as babies, or the goals a set of parents has for their child’s future there are a number of influences a baby faces when coming to terms with its mental development. Piaget, Information Processing, and Vygtosky all have theories that attempt to explain cognitive development. These are all very important theories although they differ in ways of approaching development. By exploring and
analyzing these theories scientists can get a better understanding of how a infant goes through stages of life to become the human that they do.

Jean Piaget was a famous Swiss psychologist who lived from eighteen ninety-six to nineteen eighty. Jean believed that children used a tool called a scheme to better understand the world. A scheme is “a mental structure that organizes information and regulates behavior.” (Cavanaugh and Kail, 124) A child learns to adapt to the environment around them through two different concepts known as assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation is the idea that a child absorbs information that’s compatible with what they already know. Accommodation is when you change knowledge you previously had based on information that is new to you. These are important because Piaget believes that children are trying to understand their surroundings through theories. During Piaget’s lifetime he studied children’s thinking development through four different stages. These stages are sensorimotor period, preoperational period, concrete operational period, and formal operational period. He believed that infants were naturally curious at birth and that schemes helped them better understand the world around them.


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