Vector/Multivariate Calculus
Math 272

Instructor: Kirsty J Eisenhart   6608 Everett Tower
Phone: 387-4510 Mathematics Office (messages only)

Mailbox: Everett Tower, 3rd floor (math dept office)

Course Prerequisite:  A satisfactory score on the Math Placement Exam, or a C grade in  Calculus II, Math 123 (or equivalent transfer credits).

Another courses which is not a prerequisites but could be helpful for this course is Elementary Linear Algebra (Math 230).

Text:  Thomas H. Barr, Vector Calculus, Second Edition Prentice Hall, 2001.

Calculator:   You are required to have a graphing calculator for this course. The TI 85 or higher is needed.  If you already own a graphing calculator other than a Texas Instrument, check with me to see if it will suffice for this course.

Syllabus:   We will cover the majority of the above listed text book.  Click here for the course description or click here for a list of topics.
Final Exam
Grading Scale:

90 -100%
85 - 89%
80 - 84%
75 - 79%
70 - 74%
65 - 69%
60 - 64%
below 60%

Homework/quizzes:   Attendance and homework are vitally important to obtaining an understanding of any mathematical material. I will therefore be assigning readings and several problems from each section, and I will quiz you on them weekly. Each quiz will be open notebook and most quizzes will be announced, but if I determine that the homework and/or reading is not being done I will give unannounced quizzes. There will be approximately 10 quizzes. There will be no make-up quizzes; for the occasional illness, I will drop the lowest 2 quiz scores at the end of the semester.

Tests:   There will be 3 unit tests worth 15% each (for a total of 45%). Most of the problems on the unit tests will be similar to or elaborations of homework, presentation, and group work problems. Other questions may test definitions, example problems, and/or class work. Note that answers to selected problems are in the back of your text.  You may wish to use these as practice problems. If you are unable to attend class on any exam day you must notify me before the exam or a make-up will be denied.  The final is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23rd (8:00-10:00am) and will be comprehensive test worth 30%.

Incompletes:   According to University policy, incompletes are given only in those rare instances when extenuating circumstances have prevented a student from completing a small segment of the course. An incomplete is never given as a substitute for a failing grade. The last day a student can process an officially withdrawal from a class to avoid a failing grade is Monday, March 17th.

WMU Policies and ProceduresYou are responsible for making yourself aware of and understanding the policies and procedures in the Undergraduate Catalog (pp. 268-270) that pertain to Academic Integrity. These policies include cheating, fabrication, falsification and forgery, multiple submission, plagiarism, complicity and computer misuse. If there is reason to believe you have been involved in academic dishonesty, you will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.