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About me

Welcome to my my portfolio work site! I was born and raised in Kalamazoo and decided that I want to become a Graphic Designer, like my mom before me. I am a Western Michigan Art student and I have chosen to show you all what I have worked on and what I am working on.  I like to use all sorts of mediems. Some of these include ink (Sharpie pen), Oil paint, Acrylic paint, and the computer. As far as doing stuff on the computer I like to draw on Illustrator and use my Canon Rebel for my photography.


Pen Drawings

When I work with pen I like to use the Sharpie pens. The reason I prefure this is because the point size is very small, which alows me to add more detail than if it was bigger.


I prefure to use Oil paint when I create my paintings but I have also used Acrylic. Although oil paint takes at least a week to dry, the slower drawing time makes it easier to minipulate since you can take your time.


My interest in Photography is not limited to one subject. I believe that beauty is all around us and as an artist its my job to capture it. But if I had to say the top two things I like to photograph that would be arcatecter and nature scenes.

Illustrator Drawings

When I work with Illustrator I like to create simple drawings that are more design oriented than anything else. I have used Illustrator for my flag project and my dada set story slide show.