Western Michigan University is one of the best colleges in the country for business.  My personal major of interest is sales.  I feel confident that I can get the proper education that I need for my major here at WMU.  I have heard nothing but good things about the about the professors in the college of business here at WMU.  The teachers I have could have a bigger effect than anyone else on how prepared I will be for the real world, it is assuring to hear only good things about them. 

The best way to be prepared for success in the future is to get involved while in college.  A good way to get involved is to join student ran organizations.  One that interests me is the sales and business marketing assosiation.  Joining organizations such as the Sales and Business Marketing Assosiation can be a good way to gain experience in your feild of interest or to even land a good internship.  An internship could even lead to a job after college that could become your career.  Joining these organizations can give you a huge head start on people who are not a part of them. (wmusbma)