Collegiate Objective 

I am entering college to discover more about me and my strengths and weakness’. I want to learn true credentials to help me fulfill my dream career of becoming a nurse. So I’ve concluded questions along the way of my college journey so far as being a sophomore “why Western?” “Why nursing?” First, I chose Western for many different reasons, 1.) I fell in love with the location 2.) My dad went to Western and 3.) Western has a nursing program which is truly what I want to be when I graduate. So now wondering “why nursing?” I chose nursing for a couple of reasons 1.) I want to help people on improving their health 2.) I want to put a smile on an individual’s face and give them hope for a reason of a cure and 3.) I love the idea of working in a hospital. Overall, on my journey through college I hope to meet many long life friends, I hope to better myself and others, and I hope to academically succeed. I would love to 4.0 at least 3 of the semesters here at Western. I would be ecstatic on the acceptance into the nursing program on my first attempt. In the end I know I’m going to work as hard as I can to get/create the life I want for the future.