The whole idea of building a career is to do something that you are passionate about. The field of nursing requires the individual to have an endless amount of passion to help care for people and not themselves. According to the word nursing is defined as a person formally educated and trained in the care of the sick or infirm. Nurses have to have a lot of patients and a great deal of compassion towards others. Nurses will encounter all types of scenarios in their career that will keep the job out of the ordinary and keep them on their toes.

First, let’s take a look at the average of a nurse’s salary.  A nursing degree for a bachelor degree should take 4-5 years to complete from the knowledge/requirements found with any university that offers a nursing program. After completely the 4-5 years of schooling the average salary for being a nurse “In 2012, registered nurses made an average salary of $67,930,” (U.S. News Money). $67,930 is a lot of money and is a comfortable living for someone in America. The highest paid type of nursing is in the physical field according the (U.S. News Money). After looking at the salaries you know that nursing school will pay off for as hard as everyone says it is.

Now, looking at all the different fields nursing has to offer. With nursing you’ll never be bored, you’ll be able to switch fields easily throughout your whole career. There are over 50 different types of fields of nursing that an individual can work in. Some of the fields consist of cardiology, emergency room, operating room, forensic nursing, hospice etc. (learn for good).

Overall, nursing is a good field to go into because it is a comfortable salary to support yourself with, it always keeps you on your toes, and you can change the field you’re working with anytime you get bored. Nursing has always been a well-rounded major, helping people being the number one motive. Just to be able to help people and put a smile of their faces can truly make a difference.