Collegiate Objective


      I came to Western Michigan University to major in Business and Administration. I heard that Western has a wonderful business program and I felt it would be a perfect opportunity for me to learn valuable skills needed for my intended career. Once graduated from college, I intend to fulfill my dreams of owning and operating my own boutique called, “About a Girl,” for girls of all ages. I want to own this boutique because I love to shop but another passion of mine is helping people. So along with owning my boutique I want to run a non-profit organization that will also be called, About a Girl.” This organization would allow me to help mentor young inner city girls in dealing with school, family, friends and teaching them the importance of self-confidences.

      Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” This motto still remains true till this day. I believe that my beautiful dreams can come true, if I have the opportunity and assistance. It will not only help me but the people I intend to help in the near future. To paraphrase Mrs. Roosevelt, “I believe in the beauty of my dreams.”