Kelly Brandon

Designer, Artist, and Puppy Enthusiast

  •     Christmas Eve Sarajevo Animation

    "There was this cello player born in Sarajevo many years ago who left when he was fairly young to go on to become a well-respected musician, playing with various symphonies throughout Europe. Many decades later, he returned to Sarajevo as an elderly man—at the height of the Bosnian War, only to find his city in complete ruins. Rather than head for the bomb shelters like his family and neighbors, this man went to the town square, climbed onto a pile of rubble that had once been the fountain, took out his cello, and played Mozart and Beethoven as the city was bombed. Later that man was asked why he would do such a reckless thing, and his response was that  it was his way of proving that despite all evidence to the contrary, the spirit of humanity was still alive in that place."


    – Animation, 2014

  •     Cups: A Three-Dimensional Exploration

    Exploration of design on a three-dimensional form through the study of cups.


    – Guache on card stock mounted on cups, 2014

  •     Exploration of Three-Dimensionality: Carlo Scarpa

    Carlo Scarpa was an architect who's work held a heavy reliance on both detail and process. This is an exploration of a three-dimensional form which is constructed to capture the essence of Carlo Scarpa's work, while also informing the viewer about him.


    – Laser Print, 2015

  •     Washington State

    Washington is a state that holds the interest of many different people. From an urban, city feel to a vast free nature setting, Washington has it all. Here is a collection of four images that represent Washington State.


    –Guache on Cardstock, 2015

  •     Stamp System: Seattle Washington

    A step further from the hand-painted images above, here are two of the images recreated digitally into stamps for the state of Washington.


    Laser Print, 2015

  •     Symbol System: Music Genres

    An exploration in creating a symbol system for the various music genres. Featured here are the symbol for rap, country, pop, and rock music.


    – Laser Print, 2015

  •     Signage System: Music Store

    The creation of a signage system for a high-end record store. Through engraving the symbols on the cases, the need for multiple prints is eliminated, creating a modern and sleek look


    – Digital Render, 2015



My name is Kelly Brandon and I am studying Graphic

Design at Western Michigan University. I have experience

in print and web design, as well as  animation. As a

designer, I believe that mistakes are the most valuable

teacher that one can have. In order to create something

genuinely great one must first exhaust all of the bad and

mediocre ideas they have. Because of this, my design is

very process oriented. The act of working through my ideas

on paper allows me to take them to their full potential, after

which I can finalize them digitally. This in turn enables me

to learn not only what what I am doing well, but also what

areas I need to improve on. Through this constant process

of learning I am able to create designs that are innovative

and new, but that also convey their message in a very clear

manner. With these designs I can then help companies and

individuals tell the world what needs to be heard through a

form of communication in which they may not be fluent.









Kelly Brandon

Art 2610 Graphic Form

Spring 2015

Western Michigan University