Collegiate Objective
A good friend of mine had a saying that he used quite often, "kicking ass and taking names." He used this expression in a lighthearted manner as we went about our childhood adventures. He always encouraged me to strive for greatness and become the best that I can be, and he used this expression as a daily reminder of such. I may not be at Western Michigan to physically "kick ass", but the message is there, strong and clear; I'm here to become a greater version of myself. As a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do, much less which path to take to get there. I was away from home, on my own, and very unaware of the world. At that point, all I knew was that I was there for a reason and I knew the reasons for which I had to stay. I knew that not only must I stay, but I must excel in whatever I chose to pursue. I knew I had to prove to not only my family and friends, but also myself that I was capable of whatever I set my mind to, no mater how ludicrous. I had to become a role model for my sister, so that she may follow along in my footsteps and strive farther than I ever could with the knowledge that I gain here.
From an academic standpoint, I am here to gain the knowledge I require to enter this world on my own and hit the ground running. Throughout my collegiate career, I will strive to not only pass but excel in my courses, gain the knowledge necessary for whatever career field I choose, build the skills needed for such, and to make connections with faculty, fellow students, and possible employers to give my professional life the juspstart it will need.