Western Michigan University
THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design
Color Media and Color Theory

I.      Color Terminology

 A.      Hue
 B.      Saturation
 C.      Value
 D.      Tint
 E.      Shade
 F.      Tone

II.      The Color Wheel For Light.

III.      Filtering Light

 A.      Additive Mixing
 B.       Subtractive Mixing

IV.     Perception of Color

A.     The Physical and Physiological aspects of seeing - Psychophysics.
B.      How the Eye is Different than the Camera
C.      Unusual Phenomena.
       1.      Intensity and Time 
       2.      Red and Blue   -    Example
       3.      Amber Shift
       4.      Green Shift or Absent Color Shift

V.       Color Media - It's all Relative

 B.       The Swatch Book.
       1.      Transmission Percentages
       2.      Clear
       3.      Grey and Brown Light
       4.      Frost
       5.      Color Correction Filters

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