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THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design

Lab Assignments

Purpose of Assignments

The purpose of these assignments are to provide the you with "hands-on," practical experience working with lighting equipment through the process of hanging, circuiting and focusing shows. Much of the technology discussed in class will become more understandable when you have the opportunity to manipulate the physical equipment used in the design process. You will work on lighting crews for university productions this semester.

Assignment Process

There are a number of prescheduled lighting calls this semester. Each call is 2 hours in length. You will be provided with a form detailing each of these calls. On this form you will indicate which calls you are not available to work. Brian Boyer will then assign you to 30 hours of lab calls for this class. Those calls are an extention of this class. Attaendance will be taken at the beginning of each call and absences will count against the total number allowed for this class. If you are late or absent for three calls your grade for this class will be be reduced by one full letter grade (100 points.)

Once assigned, you will report to Brian Boyer in the designated theatre at the beginning of each call. Brian will take attendance and make work assignments. Come prepared to work, dressed appropriatly and with the required tools. If you are not ready to work you wil be counted as absent. If you finish your task or need to leave for any reason, you must notify Brian Boyer.


You will receive 5 points per hour worked (150 points for 30 hours.) Showing up is not enough, if you do not work you will not get the points. Brian Boyer will decide if you have earned the point at the end of each call.

Extra Credit

You can also earn points for additioanl work beyond your assigned calls. You may come to calls to which you are not assigned. If there is work for you, you may stay and earn 5 points per hour. If there is not work for you to do you will be asked to leave. There will also be lighting calls in addition to the perschedualed calls. Points may be earned at these calls as well. Any additianal hours worked beyond your assigned calls must be logged on an hours log form and signed-off by Brian Boyer. You are responsible for keeping your time sheet and returning it to your instructor at the end of the semester. All extra credit work will earn you 5 points per hour. No more than 200 points may be earned from lab work, whether assigned or extra credit.



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