Western Michigan University
THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design
The Nature of Light and Sound

Light is Electromagnetic Radiation in the Visible Spectrum.

       Three Basic Qualities of Light.
              1. Color. (Wavelength, Frequency, Hue)
              2. Intensity. (Brightness, Quantity, Value)
              3. Saturation. (Purity of Color)

       Five Functions of Stage Lighting.
              1. Selective Visibility.
              2. Create a Composition.
              3. Reveal Form.
              4. Imitation of Nature.
              5. Mood or Environment.

       Four Controllable Properties of Light.
              1. Distribution. (Direction, Shape, Size, Quality)
              2. Intensity. (Relative Brightness or Quantity)
              3. Movement. (Cueing, Physical Movement)
              4. Color. (We'll deal with this later.)

Sound is Pressure Waves Traveling Through Air.

       Three Basic Qualities of Sound
              1. Frequency. (Pitch, Wavelength)
              2. Intensity. (Quantity)
              3. Timber. (Quality)

       Three Functions of Sound in the Theatre. 
              1. Music
              2. Effects
              3. Reinforcement

       Four Controllable Properties of Sound. 
              1. Distribution. (Speaker Locations, Direction) 
              2. Volume. (Intensity) 
              3. Movement. (Pan) 
              4. Quality (Frequency, Timber, Composition) 

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