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THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design

Journal Assignment


One of the basic functions of lighting and sound design is to deal with the imitation of nature.  This is not to imply that all lighting and sound for the theatre should be naturalistic. A designer, however, must  understand what happens in the natural world in order to either imitate or deviate form it.  This assignment is designed to force you to be an observer of your environment.  Not only to be aware of what is around you but also to evaluate how it effects you and what makes it unique (or not so unique).  A lighting or sound designer needs to develop an awareness of the way that light and sound exist and effects us in the real world.


For two weeks you will keep a journal of at least one "evaluated" observation per day.  Your observations should be in regard to the lighting and/or sound of a specific moment and place.  Journal entries should include the date, time and location of the observation.


Journal will be turned in to your instructor on the date indicated on the syllabus.  After reading all of the the journals I will assign points based on my subjective opinion of how seriously you embraced this assignment.  Neatness counts only in that if I can't read it I can't evaluate it. 

Yes, you got it.  These are the kinds of observations that a designer needs to make.

50 points

You have the right number of entries and there is some evidence of critical thinking.

40 points

You have completed the project with all the care and attention that one uses when shopping for groceries.

30 points

Journal not turned in or incomplete.

0 points


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