Western Michigan University
THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design
A Design Process
I. Common Ground. 
A. Read the Script. 
B. First Collaborative Meeting. 
II. Concept Statement (for lack of a better term) 
A. Point of View 
B. Approach 
C. Implementation 

III. Research 

A. Historical Research 
B. Technical Research 

1. The Technology 
2. The Space 

IV. The Design in Paper Form 

A. Moment Breakdown 
B. Sketches / Story Boards
C. Cue Sheet 
D. Color Key 
E. Hookups and Schedules 
F. Plot and Section

V. In The Theatre 

A. Hang 
B. Focus 
C. Write Cues 
D. Cue-to-Cue/Dry Tech 
E. Technical Rehearsals 
F. Dress Rehearsals 
G. Opening 


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