Western Michigan University
THEA 332: Lighting and Sound Design


I.     Lensless Projection.
     A.     Factors that effect Image Sharpness.
          1.     Size of light source.
          2.     Distance from slide to projection surface.
               a.     sharp image projector.
               b.     multiplane-image.
     B.     Linnebach Projector

II.     Lens Projectors
     A.     Scenic Projectors/Scene Machines
          1.     Lamp Housing
          2.     Optical Train.
          3.     Slide
               a.     Effects Loops
               b.     Effects Disks/ Color Wheels
     B.     Slide Projectors.
     C.     Gobos.

III.     Projection Screens.
     A.     Front-Screen.
     B.     Rear-Screen.
          1.     Hot Spot.
          2.     Heat Welding

IV.     General Projection Techniques

V.     Projection Formulas.

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