Collegiate Objective



     On a personal level, I am continuing my college education to discover who I am as a person, such as what I like, the things I don’t like, etc.  College also teaches me the mere things about the world I live in. When I first entered college my focus was to learn the things that I’ll need in the future for my career. To my surprise I am learning a lot more about myself than anything else. I’m learning new interest I have, as well as growing as a person and maturing into the person I’m going to be in near future.  Throughout this journey I have lost friends as I’ve grown to realize that I only need the ones that better me, and I have also made new ones.

      As far as a professional level, I’m excited to start learning all the things that will make me successful in my career. I want to learn the things that will make me stand out aside from everyone else.  A more scholarly goal is to achieve a 4.0 GPA term at least twice during my college career. I also want to become a part of some business frats to being networking and meeting people who as well as I want to succeed. I hope to take advantage of all the opportunities that may come my way throughout college. I plan to graduate from college with a GPA of higher than a 3.5, where corporations will seek me out and see that I am a better candidate than any other. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.