Women and The Media

           The way the world looks at women, men, fashion, society, has all evolved over the years. Media has changed and evolved into something much more than what it used to be. Magazines advertise the new looks and the ideal image of women, and young girls are at that stage in their lives where they want to feel accepted, they want to look like and mimic what they see in magazines, on television, and even on the internet. In society we have the media such as magazines that portray women to be unrealistic. Kids start to lose a sense of direction between reality and fiction. Back then it used to be we would obtain our news through just newspapers. Information and communication has evolved and the way we access it is no longer constrained to the page. It is posted, uploaded, edited and broadcasted at a moments noticed. Media is constantly changing, & with it, so must we. Today we accept a lot more than we used to. Commercial advertisements using teenagers to sell a product in short skirts, lots of make-up and things that girls their age shouldn't be wearing. “The dehumanization of females is a contemptible aspect of our culture.  No one, male or female, should be presented as pieces. They should be celebrated for the sum of their parts, too large and joyous and complex to be seen at a single glance. Growing and glowing and trying to reach a potential too big for such small-minded media to wrap its collective brain around”(Media portray girls and women as body parts).

       Reading through some articles found from the WMU library it is discusses how we as human learn many things through “learned behavior”. Maggie states “Another social consequence of advertising that transforms female sexuality into a commodity has been well documented. While many theories of violence exist, it is widely accepted that violence is a learned behavior that is shaped by cultural norms and role expectations. The commercialization of female sexuality has, for years, determined roles for women” (RADIO ADS DEHUMANIZE WOMEN). Ads, TV shows, any form of advertising is translated into a kind of learned behavior. You see children dressing like the women they see on TV. I believe that nowadays the media plays a huge role in the behaviors of young girls, and young boys and that it will only continue to get worst.


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