Collegiate Objective

From a personal standpoint, I am entering college to reach out and gain knowledge in the "real world" as well as gain an education to eventually persue a life long career in something that I love to do. College is something that I have always wanted to take part in and moving away from home was exremely important to me. When I think of college I think of moving away from home and getting the experience of living on my own. I hope to gain knowledge while I am at school to prepare me for my future and I want to continue to grow as a person individually.

When it comes to actually schooling and grades, I want to gain enough knowledge and have the highest grades so that I can stand out to the people in the professional world. I hope to achieve a 4.00 GPA at least my entire freshman year, as well as take part in internships and externships before my senior year. I believe I can suceed because of the determination and dedication I am willing to put in my school work. When I graduate college, I hope there will be a corporation searching for me.