ACSESS: Adapted Collaborative Strategies for Evaluating Students' Strengths

Creating Career Connections: A Longitudinal Study of Student Enrollment and Outcomes of Career and Technical Education

Creating Pathways to IT Careers through High School Career and Technical Education Programs

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC)

National Transition Alliance (NTA)

School-to-Work Connections: Nontraditional Career Opportunities for Females With and Without Disabilities

Taxonomy for Transition Programming

Transition-Related Competencies


Taxonomy for Transition Programming

Taxonomy for Transition Programming

Tools for Reflecting on Transition-Focused Education

Reflecting on Transition-Focused Education
Reflecting on Transition-Focused Education (Example)
Worksheet for Student-Focused Planning and Student Development Practices
Worksheet on Student Development Practices (Example)
Worksheet for Interagency Collaboration
Worksheet for Family Involvement
Worksheet for Program Structures and Practices

Links to State Examples
California Department of Education
New York Department of Education ( Tools 1, Tools 2, Tools 3, Tools 4)


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