Links to Relativity, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, and the like

Some really nice pages on general physics as well as relativity from mathematical physicist, John Baez: here and here
John Baez et al.'s Usenet Physics FAQ
Conservation of energy in Special and General Relativity
A really cool set of animated introductory tutorials in Special Relativity
Relativity Tutorial by Ned Wright
Neat Special Relativity tutorial and simulations
Andrew Hamilton's neat relativity pages (other cool sites here, too); his Journey into a Black Hole page is a must see.
Fear of Albert Einstein
The Light Cone: an illuminating introduction to relativity
Relativity and FTL Travel
Relativity questions & their answers (mainly about the nature of space-time)
General Relativity tutorial
A beginner's introduction to General Relativity and a more rigorous one
A graduate student level tutorial in General Relativity with applications to Black Holes and Cosmology
Tutorials in Relativity
Spacetime Wrinkles
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page
FAQ to SCI.PHYSICS on Black Holes by Matt McIrvin
Black Hole questions & their answers
FAQs about black holes
Distortion of stellar sky by Schwarzschild black hole (downloadable simulator)
An introduction to neutron stars
Pulsars: rapidly rotating neutron stars
A website dedicated to those less compact cousins of neutron stars: white dwarfs
Tutorial on gravitational lensing, and another one discussing lensing in galaxy clusters (including a nifty animation)
Make your own gravitational lens image
Some nice pages on gravitational lensing from the University of Liege

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