Links to sites (and sights!) on our Sun

Our Sun as observed heavily filtered at visible wavelengths of light.

Our Sun, Our Star

NASA Solar Homepage: a great page describing and illustrating our Sun
Solar physics on the web
National Solar Observatory page on science and the Sun
Big Bear Solar Observatory
The 150-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory
The 60-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory
High Altitude Observatory Solar Education
Stanford Solar Center Workshop
Yohkoh Solar Public Education Page

Helioseismology: determining our Sun's interior structure via `Sun quakes'

A nice page introducing helioseismology and what astronomers learn from it, with pictures and animations.
The BISON solar oscillation group
Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)
GONG's page on helioseismology
Use of sound waves to proble Sun's interior
A page on helioseismology
Movies of solar oscillations
Press releases (with accompanying images and movies) from SOHO's solar oscillation group
Another set of pages on helio- and astroseismology

Sites Dedicated to Images and Movies of Our Sun

The Virtual Solar Observatory
Solar Data Analysis Center: latest visible, EUV, X-ray images of the Sun
The very latest SOHO images of our Sun
Hotshots of our Sun from SOHO
Extreme Ultraviolet Telescope Image and Movie Gallery
Transition Region & Coronal Explorer of our Sun
Lots more TRACE images of our Sun here
TRACE movies of our Sun here
Yohkoh Soft X-ray Movie Theater
Super high resolution images of the Sun's photosphere from the SVST
Ground-based Images of the  Sun from NOAO
The Dutch Open Telescope
The Japanese satellite solar telescope, Hinode (Solar B)
Stereo - two satellites monitoring the Sun both forward and behind Earth in orbit around Sun
Solar Dynamics Observatory

Links to Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Geophysics, & Space Sciences (including Aurorae)

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