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Christopher Korth is Professor of Finance and International Business in the Department of Finance and Commercial Law at the Haworth College of Business of Western Michigan University. He received his doctorate in International Business and Finance from Indiana University (1969). He joined the Western Michigan University faculty in 1994. Previous to his current positon, he spent seventeen years at the University of South Carolina, where he was Professor of International Business and Finance and also the Director of the Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) Program. Between 1973 - 1977, he was the Chief International Economist with the First National Bank of Chicago. Earlier he had been the Director of Research at the Institute of International Commerce and Assistant Professor of International Business, both at the University of Michigan and an Assistant Professor of International Business and Economics at the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Korth is the author of International Business: Environment and Management (Prentice-Hall) and International Countertrade (Quorum Books). He has authored articles which have appeared in many management and scholarly journals on such topics as the management of foreign exchange risk, international banking, the country risk of international loans and investments, countertrade, the impact of foreign investments upon host countries, American depository receipts, the prospects for East West trade, and the causes of managerial failures for exporting and investing abroad. His latest book is Sensible Tax Reform: Fair, Simple and Effective which will be published next year. [For details, visit].

Professor Korth was Senior Fulbright Fellow in Ecuador, where he taught both graduate courses and management seminars. He was a visiting professor at the Cranfield Institute of Technology in the United Kingdom. He served for a year as the deputy project director with the Agency for International Development to develop and direct a graduate school of management in the Dominican Republic. He has also been a visiting Professor at both Xiamen University in Xiamen, China and at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. He is an international and financial consultant with several corporations, specializing in foreign investments, international trade, and export promotion. He also lectures frequently in the U.S. and abroad on topics relating to international investments, international banking, international financial management, export expansion, countertrade, the international debt crisis, and reform of America's federal tax system. Dr. Korth teaches several courses in finance and international business: FIN 3200 - Business Finance, FIN 4420 - International Finance, FIN 6420 - International Finance and BUS 6150 - Global Business Environment & International Comunication.

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Dr. Christopher Korth, D.B.A.

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