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This is my homepage, you should be able to navigate using the links about to the area of my website you would like to see. There is a link for the Engineering Mathmatics course (ENGR 1990), this is the class I T.A. and with the help of this site, I should be able to provided helpful material to you to use in your studies.

In the link "STEP" you should be able to find information and details to about the program and things you can do to help your studies.

In the link "EVENTS" you will find upcomming activities around the campus or out on the town that I think are cool. Worth checking out if you are new to the university or to Kalamazoo.

Finally, the "CONTACTS" link is where you should be able to find important people to get a hold of... people in the career center, RSO contact information, other faculty that are of your importance.

My goal with this site is to take what I know from being at the University and help you out in some sort of way. Thanks for visting my site! Cheers!

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Information- WMU

This is my personal site.

Although the server to this is site is under Western Michigan University's server, it is important to note that this site is not afliated with the University and anything said or shared on this site reflects nothing on WMU.

I respect this university a great deal, and although I would never intentially try to do anything to make WMU look down upon me, I would also not like the idea of me posting something and giving the university a bad name.

Posted on November 5, 2007 by Someone  |  32 comments