I have very high expectations for my future. Becoming a pharmaceutical representative is

what I want to do in life and I know that I will make it happen. It’s a really good high paying job

that involves a lot of work. Sometimes people have to work overtime, not because they want

money but because they have to get their job done on time. Pharmaceutical reps have to always

be on time with their job. They can’t work and then finish the job tomorrow because they’ve

worked all day. If it’s not done then they have to continue to work and finish it. If I have to work

over time I should be getting paid for it. I’m not saying that I’m going to always work over time,

but if I happen to do so every now and then, I think getting paid overtime needs to be a rule. In

general, the FLSA requires that employees receive overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours

a week. But there are several exemptions to this rule. For decades, pharmaceutical companies

have placed their sales reps under two such exemptions: the outside sales exemption, which

stipulates that autonomous sales reps can't receive overtime pay; and the administrative

exemption, which states that salaried employees who perform nonmanual work related to a

company's central business operations, and who exercise their own discretion and independent

judgment with respect to significant matters, can't receive overtime pay (Post). The

pharmaceutical industry is excelling and sales reps are getting annoyed that are putting in extra

hours without getting paid over time. Pharmaceutical reps are supposed to know their work

environment and get everything that needs to be done on time, so that working overtime won’t


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