Collegiate Objective
On a personal level, I want to learn about the college atmosphere, meaning "What is the purpose?" and "How is this going to help me excel toward my goals in life?" Throughout my college career that I have encountered so far, I have had some good experiences and some, not so good. Regardless of the situation I have remained focused and on the right path toward success.
On a professional level, I came to college to make the Dean's list (at least) and excel in the field that I intend to pursue for my career. For me college is my number one priority. This will help me better myself as a person and a business man. I will pursue this career and make a change in the business world in the near future, and shock those who have ever doubted me before. I am now a new person, with the old me left behind with all the failures as well. "When I graduate from college, there will be corporations seeking me out to begin my career with them", and hopefully one day I will have one of my own.