China sees year-over-year increase of 7.0% in prices for lands for residential houses for first three quarters of this year

     According to China Business News, China has seen an increase of 7.0% in prices for land for residential houses in the first three quarters of this year. Not only does this mean a lot for China's economy, but it greatly impacts the U.S. as well. Since prices are rising so much for land in China that will either bring more immmigrants here, or mean that prices will be rising here soon as well. Either way, the outcome could greatly benefit the real estate agents of the United States. More immigrants means more people wanting housing, and higher land prices means more commission when sold.

The greening of consumer culture

         This article from  "Economics, Management and Financial Markets" talks about one of the worlds most pressing issues these days; going green. Many consumers are requesting their products to be more green, making it more earth friendly so that us and our planet can live longer and healthier lives. "The development of green marketing, and green products as material-symbolic artefacts is making it in and through marketing practices" the article states, meaning that business owners are responding to the peoples concerns. This will give these businesses a leg up on their competitors that are not offering a green alternative, and at the same time make them feel good about their own practices. 


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