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Research Activities

Dr. Daniel Kujawski has developed, supervised and conducted research programs in the areas of inelastic material behavior, fatigue, fracture and stress analysis at notches. Investigations address both experimental and theoretical problems concern with constitutive modeling, macro- and micro-damage mechanisms, crack growth and life prediction for metals and advanced composites, and a repair technique of steel structures using composite patching technology. The overall objective has been to developed tools to predict long-term strength of industrial materials and components, and to contribute towards damage tolerant design concept. Current research activities concern with multiaxial fatigue and load sequence effects on fatigue durability.

Key Research Contributions:

Authored and co-authored over 80 scholarly contributions (2 textbook on fatigue and fracture, and 3 patents).
Major contributions have been made in the areas of time-dependent materials behavior, crack growth investigations, and elastic-plastic stress analysis at notches.
Research impact: papers and articles authored and co-authored by D. Kujawski were quoted more than 80 times according to the Science Citation Index.

Funded Research:

 "Experimental and Theoretical Analyses of the Load Sequence Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance",             Office of Naval Research, 2001-2004.           


Collaboration with Industry:

       Pharmacia, Portage, MI.
       Exxon Research & Engng Company, New Jersey.
       Diesel Technology Company, Grand Rapids, MI. 
       Stryker Instruments, Kalamazoo, MI. 
       Flowserve FSD Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI. 
       MER Corporation, Tucson, AZ.
       Blackmer Pump, Grand Rapids, MI.
       Hess Engineering, Inc., Niles, MI.

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