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Graduate Students

Stoyan Stoychev (PhD student)

Puneet Gandhar (MS student)

Sudip Dinda  "Correlation and Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate for Different R-Ratios" , Masters Thesis (Completed,  July 2002).

Jasris Jasine
 "Biaxial Fatigue Crack Initiation Life of a Tubular Specimen with a Transverse Hole", Masters Project (Completed,  April 2000).

Christopher Ngiau
 "Small Below-Endurance-Limit Cycle Damage  Contributions in Variable Sequence Loading for 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy", Masters Thesis (Completed,  October 2000).

Keith Foote
 "Energy Based Multiaxial Notch Analysis Using Elastic and Inelastic FEM ", Masters Project (Completed,  December 2000).



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