About WMU Theater Program

Western Michigan Univeristy is essentially an elisitist Theater based acedemic process. To get into the school you must first audition.

Auditioning Process:

The audition process requires coming to WMU the February or March of your senior year and auditioning for the program here at the school. You are required to do two contrasting monologues. Those interested in potentially attending the school should Click here.

Once in Program:

It is vital that you take your time at WMU Theater Program seriously, if youare one of the chosen few excepted into such a prestigious and revered program. Here are a few suggestions to prepare for your journey!

Stay Organized.

Take Notes.

Ask Questions.

Be observent.

Support your classmates.

Form relationships with classmates and staff.

Take constructive critisism.

Understand and respect rejection.

Don't take things to personally.

Have fun (it's so hard not too.)

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