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On a personal level, I had been looking at many colleges in the Michigan area. I wanted something that peaked my interest, that excited me, and yet was close to home. My family is important to me, and so, finding a college close to home was essential. That is why Western intrigued me. While I am attending college to get an education and to get the credentials that will be needed for my future career, I also sought a "true college" experience. I wanted to grow, not only educationally, but grow as a person as well. I wanted to make new friendships and have new experiences, after all, college usually happens only once in your life; I want to make my experience the most that I can.

On a professional level, I want to learn enough to be experienced and proficient in my career, and I want to do it in a way that will make me stand out amongst a group of my peers. One of my other scholarly goals is to achieve a 4.0 GPA during my Freshman year. Not only that, but I also strive to make myself become a member of various student organizations and engage in various activities on campus. While in High School I had performed well, I wish to perform even better in college, so that when I graudate, I will have the experience necessary to succeed.