Hi! I am a design student at Western Michigan University. Studying and practicing art and design has always been a passion of mine and am now perusing both at WMU. On my site you will find examples of my design and typography work that I have completed in my first year in the design program.

Typographic Hierarchy


This work was based off of a topic I chose and was interested in. The goal was to create fluid and aligned compositions that expressed knowledge in type layout/hierarchy and composition.

Cropping Studies


These are cropping studies created to emphasize the main features of Adobe Garamond. This series is part of a greater study of typefaces done throughout the semester.

Letter Combinations


Letter combinations were another part of this greater study. Adobe Garamond has interesting serifs and stems that made combining letters challenging. The bottom row showcases combinations between Futura typeface and Adobe Garamond.

Graphic Form Study


This project was an exploration of graphic form and design vocabulary. This different graphic forms of cows are drawn as line drawings, geometric, use of background to define shape and using different weight in lines. The vocabulary word I chose was order, which is represented in the bottom spread.

Book Design


To finalize the page spread works, as a class we made a book with everyone's spreads and each student designed a cover. I chose to angle my text to be more playful due to the playful content and chose simple, low intensity colors so that it would not take away from the bright colors inside.

Symbol System


The Ultimate Fight Club or UFC is a corporation I am fascinated with. In this project I designed a symbol system that represented the different types of martial arts they highlight in their classes, training and fights.

Package Design


Mustad is a fishing hook company who has been around for 115 years. I chose to redesign their packaging to give it a more updated and colorful look.


Western Michigan University

Gwen Frostic School of Art

Art 2510