A few of you may already be raising your eyebrow as to why this is even in discussion? A Mid-American Conference team making it into the College Football Playoffs? How is that even possible? That's about as ridiculous as trying to make website on Dreamweaver. According to a few of our experts, Western Michigan has the personel and leadership to compete with the four teams that have been selected into this years college football playoffs.

How Does WMU Match Up Statistically?

Total Offense
Total Defense
Rushing Receiving
First Downs
3rd Down Conversions
4th Down Conversions
Passing Defense
Offensive Efficiency
Defensive Efficiency
Special Teams Efficiency


The "X" Factor: Corey Davis

Corey Davis (6'3, 213) hauled in 91 receptions for 1,427 yards and 18 TDs during his senior campaign in 2016. During his final home game, Corey Davis broke the FBS all-time receiving yards record with 5,006, a record that was held for nearly two decades. Davis is now the first player in FBS history with 5,000 yards, 300 catches, and 50 touchdowns.

"Those Who Stay, Will Be Champions": PJ Fleck

Pj Fleck is undoubtly the heart and soul of this Bronco football team. In 2013, Fleck was hired in as the new head football coach at WMU, but things didnt exactly go as planned as the broncos finished 1-11 during fleck's first season. But with failure comes growth, and Fleck wasn't going to let this program fall victim to adversity. 2014 and 2015 brought new light to the broncos as they started to progress in all phases of the game and even won their first bowl game in program history. The philopsphy of Row The Boat and the infectious attitude of Fleck really started making noise not just in the MAC, but across the country. 2016 was the start of something spectacular as the broncos finally reached the AP Polls for the first time in program history, defeated two Big 10 teams, winning the MAC championship, and finishing the season undefeated and ranked #15 in the nation. With that being said, It's safe to say that the Broncos will put up a fight against anyone that they face.


McDouble or McChicken?


Although nobody is arguing about the prices, the overall quality and nutrition of both these sandwiches have been a real topic of discussion for quite some time now. Now I wont ramble on about what sandwhich is more bad for you because honestly we all know the cold-hearted truth about fast food. But it is pretty hysterical how some people take this question, and with that I would really appreciate your feedback about which sandwhich you would prefer.

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