Collegiate Objectives

I expect to graduate from Western Michigan University with a degree in Economics. Western Has great business programs which is the main reason I chose to attend this university. Western is recognized nationally as a excellent business school. The University offers a wide variety of programs from study abroad, to internships, and externships. I plan on using all of these resources to my advantage. I plan to get an externship and further my relationship with the company, in hopes to get an opportunity to work for the company. My goal is to get into Law school and get my law degree so I can practice corporate law. Corporate law is a very lucrative job title and companies will rely on these lawyers to make sure all their transactions are legal. This is something I would enjoy doing, because I like helping people out. I plan to graduate Western Michigan with a 4.0 and with alot of experience under my belt. I am fond of all the RSO's Western has to offer and right now I am apart of the Pre-Law Society. Being active in the WMU community is something I know employers will be looking forward to.