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Safe Surfing Guide:  Introduction

This page is a wonderful tool for the teacher to use to prepare for the first discussion on the Internet.  While the information will need to be adjusted to fit the grade and students, the basic information is right there - history, importance, an basic warnings.  An excellent source from the novice to the experienced teacher prepping for her talk with students or parents.


Computer Connections: Inside & Out Lessons
under Lesson 1: Outer Hardware click on “Labeling Worksheet”

The worksheet is a quick way to verify if the students can identify the computer parts.  The realistic images, as well as the fact that it uses the lowest level of verification - matching, makes it an ideal choice for young students and anyone struggling with the English language.  As a worksheet it can be done quickly with almost immediate confirmation by having the class provide the answers while everyone checks their own work.  This will let the students, as well as the teacher, know if this subject has been mastered and if not, reenforce the importance of knowing the names of the pieces of equipment.

Computer Toolbox downloads
Under Ages 2 to 5 click on “Kidnet Explorer”

This program seems to provide an ideal way to let kindergartners explore and learn on the Internet while waiting for others to complete an assignment in the computer lab or as a station in the classroom.  With the difficulty of monitoring and protecting the students from possible dangers on the Internet, while giving them room to explore and have fun, this program seems to offer a reasonable solution for the pre-school and kindergarten crowd.


You may contact me, Laura Smidchens, if you have any questions or concerns.

Friday, November 9, 2007 14:14