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Welcome!  This site is to provide you, the parents, with additional information that may interest and assist you.  However, please check out the other pages.  The student page will contain information about homework, expectations, and recommended links and books that the students may enjoy while expanding their minds.  I have also mentioned on that page that every Friday, each student will take home a report on their progress for that week and that they must return it on Monday with a parent’s signature.  Please keep an eye out for it as well as their daily homework that is listed on the student web page.  Hope to see you throughout the school year helping us make this a successful and fun academic year for your children.


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Newsletter to the parents.

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Working with kids...

During the past seven years I have worked with beginning silversmiths in the Garezers’ Latvian Summer High School extracurricular program.  For the past four years I have also taught at the Garezers’ summer Middle School program running the introductory Latvian silversmithing program that I designed, and for the last two years I have been working with the Garezers older camp kids, ages 9&10, developing an introductory program that will explore metallurgy from a silversmith’s perspective.  These programs have been a wonderful experience that made me excited about teaching year round.  While earning my elementary education certificates, I have worked with adults with mental illnesses assisting them with working on life skill issues and volunteered to work with elementary students during the school year.

Recommended websites:

Kalamazoo Public Schools link for parents.

Dr. Reddy’s Web site on pediatric medicine and home safety is a nationally recognized site that can provide you with basic information on a variety of pediatric-related issues.

Your Child: Development & Behavioral Resources (UofM’s web site on child care)

Disability Info*Gov This page provides links to information on dissabiity acts related to public education.       

Council For Exceptional Children provides much of the latest information on the topic.



You may contact me, Laura Smidchens, if you have any questions or concerns.

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