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Lori J. Brown, FRAeS

Associate Professor


How will we engage the next generation of learners-the ALPHA generation? The next generation of air transportation training requires training which is engaging, cost effective, mobile and reconfigurable with real world environments. In aviation specific tasks such as maintenance, inspections, and air traffic control and aircraft operation require an understanding of several interrelated components requiring practice and immersion. Augmented reality (AR) may be useful to engage, train and immerse the next generation of learners in technology driven education to make the information easier to understand and engage the student. This is a new and exciting avenue for aviation educators. You can start by embedding 3D images, text and videos over real world surroundings to teach complex subjects such as turbine engine theory. The AR allows the students to explore the aircraft component in 3D in their hand. This is also an exciting new recruiting tool.  Contact me for more information about integrating 3D into your aviation training, at Lori.Brown@wmich.edu and see our presentations at WATS 2016, the Royal Aeronautical Society International Flight Training Conference and in China this October.

(See Below: FAA Flight Inspection Pilot Explores a turbofan engine in the palm of his hand)




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“Training the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals with Augmented reality puts training is in the palm of  their hands”