Please do not use semicolons in your responses.
1. Name:
2. Last four digits of ssn:
3. E-mail address:
4. Concentration:
5. Year of Graduation:
6. Where are you employed?
  6a. What is your position title?
  6b. Does your job make use of the skills you acquired while completing your program in Geography?
  6c. Are their internship opportunities at your place of employment?
  6d. If not currently employed, are you:
7. Did you pursue a Ph.D. or the equivalent?
  7a. If yes, where did you attend?
  7b. If yes, when did you graduate?
  7c. If yes, what degree did you earn?
8. Did your program in geography prepare you adequately for your job or post-graduate education?
9. How valuable do you feel your experiences with WMU geography are?
10. How satisfied were you with your geography program?
  10a. What parts of your major do you feel were particularly useful?
  10b. What skills that you acquired as part of your major were particularly useful?
11. Did you participate in an internship, study abroad, or indendent project experience as an geography major?

11a. Where was your internship or study abroad experience?

  11b. If you did participate in one of these experiences how useful do you feel it was?
  11c. Would you recommend this experience to others?

12. What geography courses are now especially valuable to your professional career and growth?

13. What have you discovered you could have used or had more of during your program in Geography?

14. What improvements could you suggest to make your major/concentration stronger?

15. What other comments do you have that could help improve the overall quality of the Geography program?

16. Do you know of any employment opportunities for our forthcoming geography graduates? If so, what are the names and website addresses of the potential employers?